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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Part I: Reader's Top 10 Psychology Trivia Posts 2013

Thought for the Day: January is a month of reflection on last year and celebration of the new year. For this blog it is also the 2 year anniversary. Despite all my pride in having reached over 80.000 page views, we all make mistakes. I must admit that last Thursday, I made erred! I started to take a look back at 2013 and began to share the Top 10 Psychology Trivia Posts  from last year. I did it simply by looking over posts & sharing some that I felt were the best. When I began to prepare the Top 10 lists for the other daily themes, I realized I had goofed! I am not the best person to judge which posts are the best, you, my readers, are! Bloggger keeps track of the page views for each of the posts. That is what indicates which posts you preferred and shared with others. So today I am starting to share the real Top 10 posts in Psychology Trivia on my blog. I will leave the other post, online although it may confuse some people. Today, I'm sharing your picks from #10 to #6. The questions were asked on Tuesday and answered on Thursday. In 2 weeks I will share your Top 5 Psychology Trivia Posts from 2013.

#10 How Psychotherapy, Relaxation, Hypnosis Can Help Save Lives 5/16/13 A look at the connection between our mental and physical health.

#9 Anger Can Be Good &/Or Bad for Your Health 3/14/13 Research on the impact of anger on our health.

#8 A Song For Walter White from Breaking Bad's Play List 8/15/13 With the end of the series Breaking Bad, I offered some comic relief and predictions.

#7 Is Persuasion In the Eye of the Beholder? 10/10/13 How important is eye contact in leadership and persuasion?

#6 When Are Married Couples Happiest? 10/3/13 Some research with married couples on happiness. 

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